Recruitment in Great Yarmouth

What do we look for when hiring great staff?

It is probably best to first ask: ’what do customers consider to be great service’?

To this customers generally don’t say things like efficiency, knowledge or business understanding.

Instead, they say... 'what lovely staff you have.'

I heard celebrity chef Thomasina Miers mention the qualities she looks for in staff, which were: openness, friendly and engaging...or something similar.

The reason that these, and like, qualities stand out in importance, over those in the first list, is that personality is harder to teach.

Driven by a relentless
pursuit of excellence

Sure, a friendly personality can be encouraged, but the willingness, which is quite obvious to the customer, has to be there in the first place.

At Andover House - Hotel and Restaurant in Great Yarmouth - we always include personality in our team over knowledge. We then take the time to teach our procedures and systems.

We accept that this decision often costs more in training. But in the long run, we have a well-trained team member that customers refer to as ‘lovely’.

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